Life's Toolkit Bootcamp

This program focuses on giving young adults practical 'tools' they will be able to use to empower them to handle challenging situations. They will learn how to recognize and regulate their own emotions, better cope with life stresses, gain a better understanding of their own behavioral style as well as others to increase their people and communication skills, and learn how to design their future for greater success. This is a small group program so each participant has the opportunity to work with their peers in a unique way.

Week 1:  DISC/Motivators assessment/debrief/overview with Horse Activity
Week 2:  HeartMath with Horse Activity
Week 3:  Infinite Possibilities Training
Week 4:  Wrap Up - Horse Painting

Behaviors (DISC) -  "How" you do things
Measured in four proportions (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance), Behaviors/(DISC) reveal how an individual will perform, including how they prefer to communicate, what he or she will bring to a team, his or her ideal environment and possible limitations he or she may face.  

Behavioral research suggests that the most effective people are those who understand themselves, both their strengths and weaknesses, so they can develop strategies to meet the demands of their environment.
The DISC assessment examines an individual's dominance, influence, steadiness and compliance, revealing the ways in which one responds to the following:

* Problems and Challenges
* Influencing Others
* Pace of Environment
* Rules and Procedures

DISC assessment.  DISC behaviors wheel showing

Motivators or Driving Forces -  "Why" you do things

Driving forces uncovers what motivates and engages an individual in work and in life.  The 12 Driving Forces assessment reveals why people do what they do and what impacts their decision making.  The assessment examines the relative prominence of the following:

* Instinctive/Intellectual (Knowledge)
* Selfless/Resourceful (Utility)
* Objective/Harmonious (Surroundings)
* Intentional/Altruistic (Others)
* Collaborative/Commanding (Power)
* Receptive/Structured (Methodologies)

12 Driving Forces wheel.  Motivators showing why you do things.


To recognize when you are functioning in "stress mode" and make a conscious shift; enhance your ability to make clear decisions; connect to your "heart path" and tap into your internal wisdom for your highest purpose and connect the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual domains for enhanced flexibility in all domains. Greater endurance and strength in the physical domain. Longer attention span and ability to focus in the mental domain. Positive outlook and self-regulation in the emotional domain. Commitment to values and tolerance in the spiritual domain. Where all those domains overlap is Coherence and when you are functioning at your optimum.

Using the Inner Balance trainer you will receive real time biofeedback of your current state and learn techniques to shift to your optimal state of coherence.

HeartMath tools are intended to be used "on the fly" so know one will even know you are making an internal shift!

HeartMath is a life skill for EVERYONE! By managing your own output of energy you can easily change the dynamic of any situation personally or professionally.

Infinite Possibilities
Just as the name implies we explore what is possible when you effectively learn how to set and look at goals!
"Change the way you look at the things and the things you look at change." Wayne Dyer

Program Includes

* DISC /Motivators Assessment with complete printout 
* Infinite Possibilities Work Book
* Three sessions with the horses
* Inner Balance Trainer 

** We meet for 4 weeks for 3 hour sessions on the ranch **
Schedule to be determined to maximize participants attendance

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What Participants are Saying.....

DISC Sessions

"There are actual names for the different behavioral styles and knowing how to adapt."

"If you feel like you can't quite communicate with someone, there may be a reason behind it.  I am not just blaming myself now."

HeartMath Sessions

"This really helped me learn to share a more positive vibe outward, instead of just taking on a negative feeling from other people."

"I liked learning how to calm the other people and animals around me with just learning to regulate myself."

Infinite Possibilities Sessions

"In order to get the life you want, you have to change your mindset and see yourself with what you want and how you want to live."

"I keep a much more open mind about everything and what I want in life and how to go after it."

Horse Painting

"This was the most meaningful and emotional exercise.  I did not know the horse could show me so much about myself when I was willing to open and partner with her."

"Working with the horse in this way was such an eye opener.  I learned so much about myself and my beliefs both good and bad."