The ranch offers a variety of programs to meet the needs of individuals, teams or organizations. If you do not see what you are looking for - allow us to customize a program specifically for you.

Coaching with Clydesdales

Equine facilitated coaching brings an inner balance, strength, and clarity that traditional coaching is not able to offer. Standing and working with a 2000lb being is a true change agent. It allows you to rediscover, reclaim or heal a part of yourself to break through barriers and move to the next level of personal or professional growth. This is our most comprehensive program and is facilitated in person on the ranch.

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Resilience Advantage™ Program

Enhance your life and the lives of others.  Science-based tools and techniques to help you manage stress and build resilience. Increase Positive Outlook. Reduce Anxiety. Sleep Better. Increase Calm. Boost Energy.  The Resilience Advantage™ workshop teaches practical day-to-day applications that elevate our life experience, adding heart qualities of care, courage, focus, gratitude, dignity and kindness.

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Multidimensional Woman Experience

Dates for  2023 TBD.  We are putting a program together for women leaders to enhance every dimension of your being - professionally, personally, and spiritually!  This program will be in person on the ranch.

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Life's Toolkit Bootcamp

A combination of HeartMath, the DISC /Motivators assessments plus some horse work.  This is a 4 week small group program designed for late high school to early college students scheduled in person on the ranch to help build essential life skills .

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Seconds to Synergy

Learn the power of your heart!  HeartMath Inner Balance™ Trainer and Coaching program.  This can easily be done virtually or in person, either one on one or in a small group setting.

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5% of all monies collected for any Whole Heart Ranch program goes to the Life's ToolKit Scholarship Fund.